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security concepts

Structure of Security Architecture 

The ever-increasing complexity of the IT structure and the involvement of offshore workforce, customers and suppliers into the corporate networks make the creation of security architectures necessary. Only this way, 
misuse of data can be efficiently prevented. Often many individual solutions offer no help. While drafting a security concept, all security loopholes have to be defined, so that they can be eliminated consequently.

While implementing a new and extensive security concept, the important factor is that all business processes are taken into consideration. A decisive point here is that the employees acknowledge the security measures of the company. As long as Client computers are used in the company, where the users are able to install and set programs themselves, there is always the danger that new strains of virus may sneak into the company's network. Therefore, the more processes are automated, the safer it is. 

We can advise you on the design of corresponding security architecture.