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content management

Select a Content Management System 

A person, who has the responsibility of selecting the right Content Management System (CMS) for the organization will be faced with a difficult job. Future oriented security of a CMS is an important criterion for selection. Besides, it must be user-friendly and allow easy administration and also it must match with the available IT infrastructure.

A person, who does not take the strategic aims of the company into consideration while selecting a CMS, may have to expect additional cost later. When deciding to invest in a CMS one must ask himself: What are my requirements for a CMS? How would my own Internet or Intranet presence look like in two or more years? To enable you to decide on the right system, we will work with you to draft a Workflow analysis and a specification that would contain all requirements for the CMS. In addition to this, we will implement the leading CMS solutions for you.

Development of new Content Concepts

We will draft the content for you that can be integrated into your Website. Along with us you can define the requirements for new contents. Thereafter we will work on an affordable solution for you and present it you and revise the content to suit to your ideas. This way, you get from us tailor-made content for your Website. 

In addition, we offer Workshops on topics such as Content Management Systems, Content Syndication, Content Production, Online Marketing, PR Work and e-Business strategies.