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it availability & security

Maximum Data availability 

For every company, Storage Management means managing all data for a backup and archiving. In this regard, as a user, you must be able to access the company's data quickly at any time. If data losses occur, the data must be restored immediately. 

The easiest way of avoiding this is by employing a redundant security concept. The moment a Server holding your data with us should experience a breakdown, you can access another one, on which your data would be mirrored on the fly. 

Instead of taking the trouble of backing up your data yourself, you can trust our experienced IT experts in matters of implementing a Storage Area Networks (SANs). We can backup your data safely in our 
Data Center. This way, you will save money on power consumption, air-conditioning and manpower and many unnecessary risks are absent for you. 

We will send you a detailed Storage Concept for your company on request. 

We will assist you in storing any size of company related data, in managing it safely and in making it accessible at any time always.