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Every year breakdowns in IT systems result in losses amounting to billions. Such problems can be avoided mostly thru appropriate preventive measures. The more important the data is within a network, the riskier it is for you, if the data lands into untrustworthy hands or even get destroyed.

For this reason, a company should introduce effective mechanisms of protection. This includes installation of a Firewall system, implementation of mechanisms of virus protection on network and Client level and setting up a modern Virtual Private Networks (VPN). The security architecture of your company should not be left to chances. It should be checked regularly and matched to current requirements. 

Similarly, loss of extensive data can also be catastrophic. For come companies such a situation meant, the sunny days were over. One should not take any chances with regard to data backup. Meanwhile there are very efficient and safe backup solutions available that enable generation of regular updates automatically. 

Our security experts can show you the existing risks, so that you are not exposed to misuse of data by external forces. We can evolve an effective security solution for your company. This is the chance for you to limit your risk.

Consulting & Services

  • consulting & conception
  • take over services

- eDSB - ext. safety commissioner/CISO,
- Interimsmanagement it-security- and compliance

  • penetrationstests
  • forensic research
  • sourcecode-reviews
  • social engineering hack
  • systems or specific error correction and network surveillance
  • security awareness
  • business continuity- & emergency management
  • training sessions, workshops
  • audits, assessments & reviews

- 1st Party (internal)
- 2nd Party (suppliers)

  • support & managed services