Installation and Third Line Support/Troubleshooting. Siebel 6.2 upgrade to Siebel 7.7 / SSSE Server. Daten Migration, System Administration. Start & Stop Scripting & Dev..


Systemreviews. Solairs,Oracle RAC, BEA


Cluster planning and configuration, (Primecluster 4.1 Solaris). Installation cluster packages, installation und configuration Oracle 9i & 10g. Planning and migration for the old DB´s (Version 8 & 9). Tunning and Trobleshooting. Tunning Export, Import for Migration. (DWH, IBO, Marzipan, SERENA, FM, CMS, DMS, WebKUS, Cando, PEP and more.). UNIX Administration & skript creation and documentation.

IT Consulting

The guaranty for unceasing success of an organization lies in well-founded consulting. This is especially applicable to the IT industry, where the knowledge base has been experiencing an exponential growth.


We are thus in a position to link our expertise in the industry, processes and IT to an integrated approach in consulting services.


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