Development - intelligent home

development - intelligent home - administration and management
- Apple (iOS) and Android
- conception, design, physical interface and programming
- database design und performance tuning

(xcode, eclipse, sql, database, java, swift, php, unix, xml, ngnix, joomla …)

Finance Company (bank)

development expert / architecture expert – database deployment for Oracle and DB2. - migration for application (CS2, Krebis, MKP, AIB++, IKK, DMS, GWG, PDWH, OWB usw.. more than 170 bank application – more than 2700 DB´s“) Oracle 8/9/10g/11g/12g & RAC incl. migration procedure and implementation. - integration for new backup und monitoring procedure, implementation scripts for automatic installation, upgrade, backup, monitoring.
- reengineering
- Oracle, DB2, Patrol, Backtrack, RMAN, SAP, TPM, UNIX, Solaris, AIX, Linux, zOS, Java, UNIX, Host and more

BEA Systems - Onsite Support

Architektur, Troubleshooting & Debugging für WebLogic, -Server, -Portal, -Workshop (WLS, WLI, WLP, WLW) JRockit, SUN JDK. Produktion & Development Support (Third Line), Deployment, Application Debugging & Performance Tunning, ANT, Struts, Java, Apache, UNIX, Solaris

IT Consulting

The guaranty for unceasing success of an organization lies in well-founded consulting. This is especially applicable to the IT industry, where the knowledge base has been experiencing an exponential growth.


We are thus in a position to link our expertise in the industry, processes and IT to an integrated approach in consulting services.


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