Finance company

Installation, configuration Oracle 9i clutser (RAC) and implemention the  application.

Finance Company (bank)

design and development - J2EE (Struts, Eclipse, Java) for the project - Postbank ICF Release 3. Panning and design the development environment and E2E, Test environment. Installation Solaris, WLO, WLS, WLP, Apache, ANT, CVS and more development, deployment tools and configuration.

Finance Company (3 datacenter)

Modernisation and consolidation for the IT environments. 3 Datacenter, 190 Server; change to 1 DC + 1 Backup DC. Technical consulting, design, conception for Server-consolidation, Storage- consolidation, implementation systems management. Second and third line support for produktion & troubleshooting, performance analysis, IP-architecture analysis, DB- analysis, OCS- Analysis

IT Consulting

The guaranty for unceasing success of an organization lies in well-founded consulting. This is especially applicable to the IT industry, where the knowledge base has been experiencing an exponential growth.


We are thus in a position to link our expertise in the industry, processes and IT to an integrated approach in consulting services.


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